Museum of Archeology

The Museum of Archeology is gem of a museum sneakily hidden seven meters under the historical center of Moscow, which in fact also happens to be the site of ground breaking archaeological excavations during the 1990’s. The museum is not only dedicated to showcasing numerous archeological artifacts - which range from The Paleolithic times all the way up to the 19th century; but it also provides the visitor with information on archaeological methods and research. The museum’s unique structure paired with its wide range of artefacts and mind boggling virtual reality reconstruction, is sure to take any visitor feel like an architect on the journey of Moscow’s archaeology discoveries.

Музей Археологии Москвы

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9а Manezhnaya sq, Moscow, Russia

+ 7 495 692-00-20

Museum of Archeology open every day but Monday, 12:00–20:00. Buy tickets