Lefortovo Museum

Lefortovo Museum, founded in 1999, represents historic perspective of a small Moscow district – the German quarters, a place tied to Peter the Great’s early years and his global reforms. The Museum’s collection contains artefacts dating back to the Peter the Great era up to the present day. In the 18th century, Lefortovo was frequented by monarchs Catherine The First, Empress Anna, Empress Elizabeth, Catherine The Second, Peter the Second, and Emperor Paul. In the 19th century Lefortovo sees industrial upsurge and a rising number of military institutions. The part of the collection dedicated to the district’s history of the 20th includes documents and photographs of the major industrial facilities. Every time period is reflected in a series of art pieces recreating Lefortovo’s historic look.

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Lefortovo Museum open every day but Monday and Tuesday, 11:00–19:00. Buy tickets