Alina Saprykina: Museum of the Future is about education and orientation in a big and complicated world

General Director of the Museum of Moscow Alina Saprykina tells about the future of museums, the city in the 22nd century and differences between a local visitor and a foreigner.

The Museum of Moscow is a place that unites history and our times, and shows visitors what is happening in the city right now. The museum combines museum formats, educational programmes, theatrical performances, films and concerts, it hosts flea markets and food markets, festivals, competitions, and fashion shows. Alina Saprykina, General Director of the Museum of Moscow, tells about it all. Question: A large festival, 2017 Intermuseum, has just ended in Moscow. It was attended by representatives of more than 150 museums from all over the country. The festival’s theme this year was Museum of the Future. How was this reflected by the Museum of Moscow? Alina Saprykina: At the festival we gave a presentation called Museum of the City — a Look into the Future, in which we reflected on the uniqueness of city museums and their role today. A city museum is a special format. On one hand, it’s a museum, and on the other, it is a platform to present a city, which is dynamic and changes all the time. The main memes of a city museum are events that happen in the city and to its residents. In our case, the museum is entirely dedicated to the city of Moscow, its uniqueness and diversity. We are located in the city centre, in one of the best architectural complexes of the capital. The provision warehouses are an architectural landmark of federal importance. The following small museums — The Old English Court, the Archaeological Museum of Moscow, the Lefortovo History Museum are also under the management of the Museum of Moscow as well as the Vlakhernskoye estate in Kuzminki. Currently, the Museum of Moscow includes a storage space and exhibition halls which can also be visited with a guide, as well as a multidisciplinary educational centre, which hosts lectures, workouts, discussions, and educational programmes. The museum combines not only museum formats, but also theatre, cinema, and much more. The museum often hosts theatrical performances, films, flea markets, food markets, festivals, various competitions, and fashion shows.